This is when it stings me
hard and vicious, like sticking my foot
into a hive filled
with angry wasps and I can’t escape
your face, which is there
in my mind, imploring me
to just forget all the shit and my ego
and stop being such a baby, pick up
the goddamn phone and call you
fight for you
do something
do anything

in the morning
is when it stings me
when you
sting me

This is when it burns me
wild and uncontrollable, like a forest fire
surrounding me, cutting me off
and I want to surrender
to you and let you consume me
with the fire in your eyes
fire that is words and disappointment
lapping at my weakness
my impotence and my lies
for if I was someone
who deserved you in my arms
you’d be here, in my arms

in the morning
is when it burns me
when you
burn me

This is when it bites me
mean and hungry, like a rabid dog
backed into a corner and only
trying, with what’s left of it’s life
to survive, by any means possible
just like me, a lonely, homeless animal
licking it’s wounds and crying itself
to sleep, dreaming of a time
when I could be a better man
a strong man, who would get up
off his worthless ass and find a way
to fucking get you back

in the morning
is when it bites me
when you
bite me

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