After the War

After the war
the weather couldn’t have been nicer
there wasn’t a hint of rain
nor a cloud in the sky
still there was a hurricane
on my horizon. For I had surrendered
but, after the war
I could not forget
nor could I ever forgive

After the war
we went our separate ways
you to your celebration and spotlight
me to my hair shirt
for though the fighting was over
and your flag, it had been planted
after the war
I took myself underground
and began to plan my resistance

we held hands before the war
and walked
side by side
we lived, we breathed as one
before the war
we watched each other’s backs
before the war…after the war
we wiped the blood
from our spears and trowels
we holstered our guns
after the war
and negotiated treaties
we both were certain
we would one day break

After the war
I was washing the dishes
you smiled at me and
me, I smiled back
but the jagged knives in our eyes
were impossible to hide
and after the war
we told each other nothing
for we had nothing nice to say
We festered after the war
licking our wounds
and waited for the hostilities
to begin again

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