Allow Me to Break the Fourth Wall and Speak to You, the Reader, Directly

If I pour
all the pain in my soul
into my Facebook status
and nobody “likes” it
have I really said anything?
do I really exist
al all?

I need your validation
can you hear me?
can you see me?
am I invisible?
is this all
for nothing?

I put myself
naked and unafraid
into every single word
only to watch those words
one by one in an endless cycle
into the void
never to be heard from

What good is my anger
my rage, my fists slamming
against the walls
of the here and now
when my life and my vocation
is for keeping you

Am I still standing
on the treadmill, spinning
my wheels?
Or am I just a memory
of me?
one last electrical impulse
before I fade
into the stratosphere?

It’s so hard to grow up
when you’re already

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