I’ll Only Write Poems for You

When you and I come together
there is nothing that I want
Everything of value in this world
is held, with calm strength and power
in your deep soulful eyes
glinting, always, with mischief and desire
I could reside forever in your gaze
In my life I will peer
into many sets of eyes
to ferret out the unspoken truth there
This is my calling
I cannot deny
but I will only write poems for you

When you unfold yourself completely
like the solving of an unbearably lovely riddle
and present yourself naked to me
in all your glistening, glorious truth
I am silenced by awe
of all that you are
I know I’ve at last found a home
in your tight, tender care
and I’ll only write poems for you

There’s an electrical circuit connecting
when your delicate skin touches mine
and the perfume of your perspiration
encourages me, feverishly
to mounting, ecstatic sensations
that I barely knew I could feel
but that now seem, suddenly, indispensible
My body’s a temple
My body’s your temple
My body’s a poem to you

That was you
in my dreams
all my life
I see that so clearly now
Yes, I always knew it was you
I have seen you
I’ve known you
I’ve pulled you to me
my triumph, my pain
my longing, my lust
It’s all been a poem to you

I know not what this world will bring
There are mountains of joy and trial
still to come
It may pull us together
It may tear us apart
for a time
but you will always be there
occupying my soul
I’ll protect you
I’ll defend you
with every drop of my blood
till my last

I will always write poems for you

I will only write poems for you

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