Two Steps Back

everything is nothing and
everything is everything and
suddenly names are not what they were and

maybe we should stop talking and
maybe we should listen for a change and
maybe we’re not clean enough
to stand on pedestals and
preach the same weak tea and

we’re waiting on the gods of Mount Rushmore
to speak in unforked tongues and
give us their seal of approval and

this day cannot end without bloodshed and kisses and
open, welcoming arms and
we’re hoping beyond hope
there are no knives hidden
behind the smiling eyes and

maybe it’s not our place
to grant anyone else a right and
maybe it was theirs all along and
maybe they should just reach out their hand
and take what they know
that they own and

everything’s different now and
the photos of our childhood
will always tell
slightly different stories
than the ones we’ve learned
by heart

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