Unpaid Bills

tiny maggots/hundreds of them


all over the cat’s food

can’t remember/the last time I changed it

where is that cat, anyway?

in the closet? /in the corner? /under those clothes?

buried in a mountain of trash?

can I even be sure/that it’s still alive?

I guess it must be

something is shitting/all over the floor

couldn’t be me/could it?

I think I’d remember/something like that

I’d like to turn the light on/get a closer look

but the power is dead/the phone too

can’t call for help

even if there was a person/who gave a damn

should get up/throw out the cat food

but I’m so tired

just want to lay here/on the couch

don’t want to move/a muscle

the cat will have to take/what it can get

the cat will have to wait

I’ll take care of it/tomorrow

I’ll get off this couch/tomorrow

everything will change/tomorrow

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